A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a man called Billy who had a pet cat. The cat was called Mr. Jack and Mr. Jack was white with black feet. This cat was the fluffiest cat the world had ever seen. For a long time, the cat had been his best friend, because Billy had no other friends, but then one day all this changed. It all began when Billy made a friend, this friend was a really pretty girl, called jane. Billy started spending more time with jane. Eventually they became a couple and Billy was happier than ever. Spending more time with Jane meant spending less time with Mr. Jack. The really Fluffy cat didn’t really like this, Mr. Jack was lonely and a bit jealous. The cat walked away, but got lost. Billy was devastated when he found out his cat wasn’t home. Mr. Jack wandered around outside for a whole month, but then he made a friend a  light brown cat. The light brown cat, called Ms. Janet, was mesmerized by the fluffiness of Mr. Jack. She understood Mr. Jack, because her owner had a new boyfriend and had less time left for her. This cat was really nice and brought Mr. Jack along to her home. Her owner was home. This owner happened to be jane. Billy was there too, he was so excited to see Mr. Jack. Now the cats could stay together when their owners went out. Nobody felt left out anymore and they lived happily ever after.


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