Biography of a Famous Person

My favourite designer of all time Coco Chanel. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was a French designer and a business woman. She lived from 19 August 1883 till 10 January 1971. With her outstanding looks and strong character she changed the world of fashion. She was determined and refused to follow the rules. Away with the corsets, that’s not how a modern woman dresses! Before Chanel became famous her life wasn’t glamourous. When she was twelve her mother died, so she was put in an orphanage. As awful as this seems, it wasn’t bad for her future at all. In this very orphanage at Aubazine Chanel learned to sew. If you were wondering where the nickname Coco came from, I got the answer, after her not so perfect youth she had brief singing carrier. She worked in clubs in Vichy an Moulins, some say she was a shortened version of cocotte, meaning ‘kept woman’, and others say it was from a song she used to sing. When Coco was around 20 years old, she became involved with Etienne Balsan, he helped her with starting a milliner business. That business grew out to be the fashion house of Chanel we know today, one of the most respected brands out there. Even though she closed her shops during world war II, she rebuild het empire. Before dying, after a couple of lonely years, she spoke her last words to her maid Celine: ‘you see, this is how you die.’. I admire Coco Chanel, she had nothing to begin with and build an empire. Besides that her fashion is perfection, no time can make it fade, most of us are influenced by her changes in fashion when we pick our clothes. This woman invented the little black dress, a fashion must-have, so basic and elegant at the same time, appropriate for every occasion. She was a pure fashion genius.


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