Describe a British Work of Art

This stunning work of art is a dress by Alexander McQueen. The dress is from the Widows of Culloden collection (autumn/winter 2006-7). It was also shown in the savage beauty exhibition from March to August in 2015 at the Victoria & Albert museum, the world’s leading museum of art and design. This exhibition celebrated the extraordinary creative talent of McQueen. There have been multiple exhibitions showcasing McQueen’s work. Alexander McQueen was a famous British designer. He was born in 1969 and died in 2010 by suicide. He won the British designer of the year award four times. He also won the CFDA’s international designer of the year award in 2003. The dress has beautiful headpiece made out of a £2,000 piece of lace. McQueen poked he raisin antlers through the embroidered lace. McQueen was very spontaneous and at his shows you didn’t know what to expect. It could be raining on the runway all of a sudden. The dress itself is cream an made out of silk tulle and has incredible embroidery details. The ruffled train is perfectly made. There has been carefully looked at every tiny detail of this dress. With the veil of the headpiece and the appearance of the dress itself, the look becomes a sort of mystery. The embroidery and the colour give it a sophisticated touch. McQueen was influenced in his work by nature and romanticism a lot and this look is a good example of that. Although it doesn’t seem comfortable at all, I would love to be able to wear this wonderful dress.


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