My Dream Vacation

When I was very young my parents used to tell my about these ‘floating’ markets in Thailand. They told me that on a river people sold things to each other on these little boats and ever since I dreamed about going to this place. My dream is about to become reality, this summer I will be going to Thailand. I am sixteen years old and therefor will not be travelling alone or with my friends. I will be going with my parents, they will also pay for our visit. Lucky me, because a trip to Thailand isn’t the cheapest thing out there. In the summer break we will be going away for approximately three weeks. We will be flying to Bangkok, where we will stay for 4 days. In Bangkok we will be visiting the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keo (temple).  After Bangkok we will be travelling to River Kwai. On the day we leave Bangkok, we will first be visiting one of the most well-known floating markets, at Damnoen Saduak. Afterwards we will visit the hellfire pass memorial, which tells the story of the construction of this Railway line. After this we will take a boat to the jungle rafts. This is a one of a kind floating resort in the middle of the jungle, built entirely out of wood and bamboo. We will be staying at River Kwai for a 3 days. The next day we will be going to Elephant world, a non-profit elephant orphanage. The last day we will be leaving River Kwai and visiting the historic city of Ayutthaya, the ruins of an ancient capital. This city was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1991.  From Ayutthaya we will take a night train to Chiang Mai. Were we will be staying for 4 days. This city has its own language and culture. Later on we will be travelling to the idyllic beaches of Kho Samui. This is the second largest island of Thailand. We will be going there by airplane. We will be staying there for a week. Afterwards we will go back to Bangkok for a couple of days and fly back. I can’t wait to go to Thailand!


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