The Internet

Imagine what would happen if all our phones would stop working right now, all our computers won’t turn on any more and our tablets fell out. A lot of people would probably freak out and some would handle it very well. Everything would be a bit harder, not like we’re used to, but would it be a catastrophe or not? So the actual question is: have we become too dependent on the internet?

Manny people are convinced they can’t survive a day without their mobile phones. If we can’t imagine life without our phones, how could we live without access to the internet. We can’t think about a world where we can’t google, a world in which you need open an encyclopaedia to find the answers. We are so used to having all this information just one click away from us, we started to rely on the internet.

Besides that, nearly all companies use digital systems to keep track of their information and the hospital has digitalised all our medical information. Our entire system is based on the internet, almost every aspect of our life is influenced by it. As all our information is on the internet we can hardly go back, we have burned our bridges.

On the other hand humans lived for a very long time without the internet. If the internet would stop working, we would all survive it. Our society is only so adapted to the internet it would be hard to live without it. When we would not have any other option, because the internet broke down for example, we would completely capable of surviving.

To conclude, we have become quite dependant on the internet and life would be way tougher without it. Computers have replaced paperwork, our society can’t go back and stop using computers. When we would be forced to do so, we would be able handle this. It would only be extremely hard.


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